Mobile app development: Things to be considered developing

Mobile app development: Things to be considered developing

Are you looking forward to making a mobile app for your business and want to earn some revenue out of it? Then this article is for you. Planning the budget for the application and developing it is not so easy as it seems to be.

One has to consider a lot many things before beginning the development process depending on the idea or business. In this article, we have covered those blind spots and tricky steps in the mobile app development process.

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Things you need to consider before mobile app development

While developing the mobile app, it’s important to have a clear purpose behind your app, along with the idea of whom you’re targeting.  You will have to do some study to determine the variables that might need while creating your app. You will have to decide which operating system you will be choosing to build your mobile app.

Here are some tips to develop a successful mobile application:

  1. Identify the target audience for your mobile app

Before you begin with the mobile app, it is important to know whom you’re trying to reach and what is the overall objective. The popularity of the operating system would vary based on the popularity from region to region, so it’s important to keep in mind as you begin your search for your ideal platform for your mobile application.

Decide based on your ideal customers; what they like and what they don’t like. How tech-savvy they are and how much time they would engage with your application.

  1. Choose your platform: iOS or Android

As discussed earlier, it is important to decide which platform to launch your mobile application. According to Statista, iOS holds a 13% share, and Android holds 87% of the share of the global market.

Developing the iOS mobile app is much faster, easier, and cheaper. When compared to android, the iOS mobile application takes 30-40% less time. This leads to more expenses along the development way.

However, android apps are usually coded in Java language which includes more time to write the code than compared to Apple’s programming language, Swift.  This saves developers time and also saves cost as an investor.

You can also have your mobile application that runs on both android and iOS systems. In this case, the following are the essential variables:

  • Target Audience
  • Project Timeline
  • Desired features
  • Application Maintenance Budget
  • Revenue Goals
  1. Consider Cross-platform Development

If your choice is to develop an application that is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, then cross-platform development is the best option.

Developing the mobile app using cross-platform has a lot of advantages. The most significant one is, one has to write the code only once and employ it across all the needed platforms. Another benefit is that codes could be reused instead of writing the new ones for every platform. This eventually would cut off the extra development cost and time.

Popular native cross-platform frameworks that could be used while developing your mobile app:

  • Xamarin
  • Appcelerator Titanium
  • NativeScript
  • QT
  • RubyMotion
  1. User-friendliness is your friend

Do not use complex features. Include features that give apps a native appearance and functionality. Application with a good user experience will help it to rank higher in any app store. When developing an application, make sure your app is mobile responsive, intuitive user experience, attractive designs, great presentation, and context.

Mobile applications must be user-friendly, high speed, and run smoothly, easy-to-use navigation.  Application loading with low page speed will eventually lose customers.

  1. Ensure that your mobile app follow app store guidelines

Every app store has guidelines that every application must follow in order to get listed in their marketplace. Applications that do not abide by the policies will not be accepted.

The violation of app guidelines will also affect the ranking of your apps and may be removed entirely from the marketplace.

Understanding the key features of mobile app development before starting your project will help you choose the right platform and stay on budget. This will also help your app for maximum exposure.

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