Top 5 useful apps for Instagram influencers

Top 5 useful apps for Instagram influencers

Top 5 useful apps for Instagram influencers

When it comes to social media presence especially on Instagram, 39% of accounts belong to influencers with more than 15,000 followers. These influencers are striving hard to gain the attention of 112.5 million users.  Hence, the competition among the influencers is rigid.

To stand out in this rigid competition and crowded space, you must make sure to post unique content.  Just uploading the unique content is not just enough, you must track the performance of your posts 24*7.

Instagram management apps help influencers in:

  • Design and edit images and videos
  • Create stunning collages and graphics
  • Monitor account health
  • Track each post for user engagement

There are a lot many Instagram management apps are available in the marketplace. Here are some top useful apps that could help your Instagram marketing strategies.

Best Instagram Management Apps

  1. Snapseed

    Snapseed is popular for photo editing and with this app, you can download free images from Google or Apple app stores. The app comes in 40+ languages and consumes 22MB of storage.
    The app helps you to save your photos without distorting the colors and resolution of them. It also has additional features like contrast, crop, and rotation. You can also annotate the images and add vignettes. If you want to retouch old photos, you can use its brush, lens, and white balance features. You can save your favorite effects and apply them to new images instantly.
  2. VSCO

    Using Instagram filters is the past thing. If you want your photos to stand out in the crowd, you will need professional-grade tools to create a stunning image. VSCO offers full-featured photo editing options in their free version.
    The free edition of VSCO offers 10+ original presets and standard editing tools to modulate contrast, grain, and saturation. You will also get the advantage of connecting with other content creators and learning from them. If you want to use the advanced feature, you can opt for VSCO membership, which costs $19.99 a year.
  3. Layout from Instagram

    If you love to collage your photos, Layout from Instagram allows you to make some creative and fun collages. It has the option to collage up to 9 images from the gallery and arrange them in innovative grid layouts.
    layout of instagram
    You can capture different moods by clicking the phone booth feature. To search pictures, you can use the Faces tab – Mirror, duplicate, resize, flip, replace, and zoom images as you need.
  4. Command for Instagram

    In order to survive and thrive in competitors, it is important to keep up with their social media as well. The command for the Instagram app offers an insightful report about other influencers.
    command for instagram
    It also can give hourly stats about your latest posts and scans networks for like-minded influencers with whom you can collaborate. You can get reports about your account’s health and suggestions for improvements.
  5. Panoramiq Insights

    Panoramiq Insights is an Instagram insights tool from Hootsuite and it works only for business accounts. Its social listening capability keeps you updated about the trending topics in your niche. It records and analyses your demographics and highlights areas where you have a strong foothold.
    Panormiq Insights
    The app will analyze the performance of all the posts and identify the best ones. This will help you to identify what kind of posts are helping you to gain more engagement so you can implement the same approach.

With these amazing tools, you can monitor your influencer account and stand out among the competitors. You can use these tools on phones and tablets so you can manage your accounts anytime and anywhere.

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