Instagram marketing tips: take your business to next level

Instagram marketing tips: take your business to next level

Instagram marketing is one of the best ways to build your brand online. Instagram is one of the most engaged social media platforms in the world and it’s the sixth most visited site on the web. Instagram provides a dramatic reach for brands with a maximum advertising audience.

Like other marketing tools, if you know how to use it Instagram can be the best promotional tool for your business. Hence, while you do marketing with Instagram, you must look at how to leverage the right content to communicate with your audience, improve engagement through your posts, and gather new followers. 

The majority of the audiences do follow as a minimum of one business. While researching for new products or services, more than 36% of b2b design makers opt for Instagram.

Instagram Marketing and your Business

Instagram marketing includes the usage of Instagram’s social media site as a tool to connect with the target audience. Instagram aims to reach over 1 billion audiences worldwide ensuring your business builds a raving community.

People spend around 30 minutes every day on the Instagram platform and this social media platform is also great for consumer interactions. Around 81% of the people use Instagram to research products and some use these networks for building connections to brands.

To excel in your interaction with a huge number of potential customers for your brand, you will have to collect new followers along with engage your existing customers on your Instagram profile.


Tips to Excel your Instagram Marketing

  1. Instagram  growth service

    Instagram growth service is designed to help you find followers on Instagram as quickly as possible. Generating natural and organic growth is getting harder with the increasing number of companies on Instagram.

    If you have decent followings, your posts will be prioritized by Instagram’s algorithm and its followers. If you have the least followers, you might have to struggle to make an immense impact. This is where Instagram growth service helps you. It helps you to attract customers to your profile and encourage them to follow you.

  2. Influencer Marketing

    With influencer marketing, you have an opportunity to leverage the existing impact of a leader in your marketplace. Influencer marketing can be used by any kind of business in order to enhance their marketing with Instagram.

    To get the benefit out of your influencer campaign, make sure you:

    • Choose the right influencer
    • Seek for influencer’s advice
    • Go beyond celebrities
  3. Emphasize on Instagram Engagement

    Want amazing engagement online? You will need to be willing to embrace the “social” part of marketing with Instagram. Engagement on social media posts is the interaction of your audience with your brand such as “like” on the post, responding to stories, leaving the comments, or even messaging you.

    To encourage engagement:

    • Respond to comments: Respond to comments with a thoughtful message. This helps you to build a healthy relationship with your audience.
    • Run Competitions: Run a giveaway or a photo contest to engage your audience. You can ask to tag their friends in one of the posts to win the contest.

  4. Make sure to post the authentic content

    Success depends on the kind of content you share on Instagram. More than 500 million people use Instagram stories every day as it is often seen as authentic. Audiences are more interested to see the human side of your business.

    You can also engage your audience through video content such as “behind-the-scenes” and can be included in IGTV videos. You can also choose live streaming.

  5. Using relevant hashtags

    Along with your media content, usage of the right hashtags is also the most significant part of Instagram marketing. People use hashtags to find your content and are a crucial part of the social channel’s search engine.

    You can use up to 30 hashtags in a single post. Start by making a list of hashtags that are relevant to your post. Follow this while you choose your hashtags:

    • Trending hashtags: Use the relevant hashtags
    • Niche Hashtags: Tags relevant to your business
    • Branded hashtags: Create a hashtag for your company

    There are plenty of tools available online to help you find the related tags as per your business.

Instagram is an excellent tool to promote your brand awareness and reach to maximum audience. Using the above tips, you can strengthen your position on the top visual social channel. Marqet Solutions offer social media marketing at an affordable price. Contact us today and boost your social media presence.

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