Content Marketing Strategy: mistakes That Must Be Avoided

Content Marketing Strategy: mistakes That Must Be Avoided

In current era of digital world, the content marketing has become its own art. The goal responsibility of a content writer is to convey key information to the readers whatsoever the topic is. Content writers spend hours and hours to prepare a good piece of content that will benefit your business, but a simple mistake can nullify your efforts. 

While writing content, one should check every essential aspect of the content be it a grammar check or a keyword density. It’s always worth enough to take an ample amount of time in order to come up with top-notch content.

  • Conducting  Insufficient research

Research is the basic and most important part of the strategy of every quality piece of content. Without proper research, you might end up delivering some unauthentic and incomplete information in your article. This in turn would persuade your readers too. Always make sure to do proper research on your topic and then cobble them together into a new informative article.

  • Target audience

Studies say the average human attention span is only about 8 seconds long. I.e. you only have a very narrow window of time to grab the attention of audience through your writing. If you fail at this stage, you will eventually end up losing views.

Starting the article with a strong opening will help you to grab your audience attention. Make sure you take enough time to draft an attractive introduction before you submit your content. Make sure to check the facts before you include it in your article.

  • Plagiarizing

Plagiarism is a not only extremely frowned upon content writing, but it could cause a severe damage to your business too. In the past, Google had introduced a panda update in Feb 2011 to stop the sites poor quality content.

To make sure that your content is not plagiarized, do check it through the best online plagiarism checking tool once you’re done with your final copy of the article or the content. This simple step would help you to ensure that you’re writing an authentic content and improves your online presence.

  • Non-proofreading your work

Proofreading your content is very essential in the writing process. Conveying the wrong message to your readers without editing or correcting the content, can also cause lose of views. Moreover, it is important to polish your writing to rank high on search engines. Make sure to proofread and edit your content before make it live.

  • Not reaching out to correct target audience

Before you start researching on your blog topic, it’s important to invest some time to research your target audience. Knowing your target audience will help you to write content where you can target a particular group of people.

For example: – Suppose if you’re writing for a automobile company, try reading about the current trends in automobile industry are affecting people’s everyday lives. You can create your own content by personalizing them and discussing these trends.

  • Using copyrighted images

Using the images within your content will attract the user’s attention. Most of the new writers use Google to copy and paste the relevant images into their articles. This might end up having copyright issues later. Hence, the simple way to avoid this is to use only stock images or much better option is to create one on your own.

  • Pointless length

Having a lengthy article is not a bad thing. If your content is interesting and valuable, people will surely read your lengthy article too. Make sure you do not add meaningless fluff and filler to your content just to make it lengthy. If you do not find anything relevant to the topic to say, then it is good to bring the article to a close.

  • Not optimizing your content for SEO

To rank well for your target keywords it is important to write SEO-friendly content. Especially, if you’re a freelancer content writer, you must have a little knowledge of SEO to abide by the search engine algorithms. The following are the key points to keep in mind while shaping your content.

  • Perform a keyword/topic research before writing
  • Make sure to use the focused keywords in the title, meta description, first paragraph, and h2 at least
  • Keep your URL short and user-friendly
  • Make use of appropriate internal and external links to pass the link juice
  • Use highly relevant stock images
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